The expanse of a big yard is not only pleasing to look at, but it complements larger houses while also making smaller homes seem less confining. If you’re still not convinced, keep reading.

Big Yard = More Room for Family Fun

Large yards can become an oasis for both adults and children alike. You have more room for recreational areas, such as a small playground with a rubber floor for safety or a swimming pool. You could even build a reduced court for a basketball hoop or a pickleball/badminton court. If you have young children, a large yard can provide security, since the yard is large enough for children to play where they can be supervised rather than around the neighborhood. And if the yard is fenced, you’ll have room for a family dog.

You Can Have an Outdoor Kitchen

Turn your large yard into the perfect entertaining space with an attractive outdoor kitchen. This is a great place to enjoy pleasant weather while also enjoying a good meal with friends and family. Most outdoor kitchens use propane gas rather than electricity for the cooking, but with a larger yard, you will have plenty of room to accommodate an underground propane tank. In cooler weather, this outdoor kitchen can still be enjoyed as the owners can sit outside with friends or family and gather around a cozy fire pit.

More Room for Gardening

A large property means you have plenty of room for gardening if that is your inclination. Whether you enjoy planting flowers, landscaping, or vegetable gardening, a large yard provides the perfect opportunity to let your hobby run wild. Aside from being a great excuse to spend some relaxing time working outdoors, a garden also becomes a source of healthy eating and/or neighborhood pride. Whether you enjoy planting flowers, landscaping, or vegetable gardening, a large yard provides the perfect opportunity to let your hobby run wild. With a large yard, you’ll have the space to add an arbor and other eye-catching features to transform the space into a backyard retreat.

Live Healthier

A large yard affords owners space to install drainage systems, which will contribute to a healthy environment. Well-cultivated landscaping and healthy grass can decrease the risk of fires. Also, a well-cultivated lawn with shrubs, trees, and a garden creates a healthier environment since plants absorb carbon dioxide, thus acting as a carbon sequestration pathway. You may also find that the air you breathe seems fresher with all the extra oxygen the plants produce. If you have a large enough garden, you can actually grow your own fruits and veggies that you can bring right in to your dinner table. It can also be used to help educate families about the life cycles of plants, and just makes your yard look beautiful.

Image credit: Legion Landscaping

Although a good-sized yard can take more work to maintain, the benefits are well worth it. Furthermore, when well cultivated, a large yard increases your property value when it comes time to sell. Get a home value analysis from Deminski Realty Group here!