What Makes A Home Kid Safe?

Sean Deminski, Realtor®
Sean Deminski, Realtor®
Published on July 12, 2018

If you are a parent looking to purchase a family home, safety should be one of your primary considerations. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind.

Fence Off Pools and Water Elements

Swimming pools are one of the biggest dangers for young children. Even with constant vigilance, it only takes a moment for a small child to slip away and drown. Even for children who have taken swim lessons and know how to swim, the danger remains. Pools are an especially attractive temptation for any child, but any water element or even a bucket of water can cause injury or be a fatal hazard. When shopping for a home, make sure you chose a property where any pool or water element is fenced off with a lockable gate or have one installed before you move in.

Have A Fire Plan

Make sure your children’s bedrooms have easily accessible exits so that in the event of fire your child can quickly flee. Basement bedrooms may need to have an exit installed, and roll-out ladders are an option for upstairs bedrooms.


Courtesy of the Ontario Asociation of Fire Chiefs

Tether Bookcases and Heavy Furniture

A major danger in the home is the risk of children being crushed by falling furniture. Young toddlers especially love to climb and can pull heavy furniture down on top of themselves, resulting in serious injury or death. When looking for a new home, built-in cabinets and bookcases are safer than their standalone alternatives. You can also tether these items to the wall, greatly reducing the risk. Televisions are especially risky and need to be secured.

Garage Safety Tips

Staying active and healthy is important for children. Outdoor play is a great way for kids to stay fit and even on rainy days you will want to encourage active play. The garage can be a good space for playing when the weather is bad, if some precautions are taken. All chemicals and tools should be stored where children cannot access them. Additionally, a traditional garage concrete floor can be a risk, as children can fall and easily get scraped and bruised. Consider epoxy garage flooring – preventing skinned-knees is important. Epoxy garage flooring is a great alternative and can help transform a garage into a safe play area for your children.

Courtesy of Golden Gate Garage Storage

Although it is impossible to keep your children safe from every bump or scrape, there are preventative steps you can take to avoid common injuries and accidents. Keep safety in mind when purchasing or upgrading your new home, so that your family can have a happy and secure life together.

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