Moving can be an exciting prospect until something goes wrong. It might take more planning than you initially expect to effectively pull off your move. This transition should be an enjoyable experience with the promise of a new place to call yours. Let’s try to make this place one where your heart is by taking the right steps to smooth out the work.

Check the Weather

Downingtown, West Chester, and all of Chester County has notoriously unpredictable weather- but don’t let a rainy day ruin your parade. This all depends on the time of year and the season. None of us can entirely stop the weather from doing what it wants to, but we can, at the very least, be prepared. The first thing to note is that effective moving happens with a plan. Plan what you need to do and prepare for in rainy, snowy or sunny weather.

Work Room by Room

Working room by room requires a written list. Don’t overwork your brain. Condense what you need to do onto a sheet of paper instead. Consider cleaning out the rooms of your house days or weeks in advance. We all think that we have bright ideas in the moment, but giving yourself time to find what’s truly best enables you to maximize your time.

This means that you prepare the new place you’re moving into. Decide where you want your furniture to go first, and ensure that you can enter and move around easily once you’re there.


Tightly Pack Your Belongings

Will you have enough supplies for packing your belongings? Some of the materials you’ll find useful include

  • boxes
  • tape
  • newspapers
  • plastic bubble wrap
  • garbage bags
  • towels

Once you have the right supplies, begin by packing similar items together. Food can be put into coolers, but buying new groceries should be held off until you enter your new home. Look to the kitchen as the last item on your list because it might be in use during the time of your move.

When preparing for you move, consider having a garage sale. Garage sales can help you to lighten the load, and, if you’re lucky, they can even help you cover the cost of moving.


Keep Valuables Close and Enjoy Your New Home

The next time you organize a move, plan ahead when deciding on how you’ll manage your most valuable items. Homeowners insurance could provide coverage when moving, but you’ll want to be sure to take care of things such as jewelry, personal documents and important keys.

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By following a few easy steps, you can protect your belongings and have a smooth move. Once the job is complete, you can sit back and enjoy your new space.
As you begin or continue your search for a home, make sure to check what properties we have available! We service quite a large area, and we know that with our help you’ll be able to find the house you’ve been dreaming of.