Planning on moving this Spring? Thinking about it but not sure? You’re not alone. Its hard to picture yourself in a new beautiful home when its cold, rainy and overall miserable here in Chester County! (At least it is here in Downingtown!)

But if you’re even thinking about moving- now is the time to start getting ready!

Its raining in Downingtown as I’m writing this

So what should you be doing right now?

1. Tidying up around the house

While it might be pretty dreary outside- you can definitely be getting things ready inside. It’s always a good time to declutter, to tidy up, and to address the small repairs around the house. Do light bulbs need to be replaced? Can you swap out some light switch covers? Does the tub need re-caulking? Now is a great time to address some of those smaller projects!

Some inspiration from everyone’s clutter guru, Marie Kondo

2. Get Estimates

Spring is the worse time to try to book a contractor. For the bigger projects now is when you want to start planning and getting estimates. You’ll have more flexibility when it comes to getting the contractor you want and a better chance at getting scheduled sooner. If you do start the work now you might experience delays due to weather- but the sooner the better so you can get the work done before the Spring Market

I’ll tell you first hand, Downingtown contractor get especially busy in the Spring!

3. Learn the Market

If you haven’t bought a house in the last year, it’s going to be hard to understand what kind of market you’re in and what homes in your are going for. Forget national news and statistics. The only numbers that matter is your market. Here in Chester County, Whether its West Chester, Downingtown, Coatesville or Great Valley- your market is your school district. Most stats go by zip or county- few will break down by school district because South East PA is unique in that area.

You’re going to need two market stats:

  • What price homes have been selling at in the past 3-6 months
  • What price homes were selling at 12 months ago

Markets move. Real estate markets are cyclical. You need to know what your market was doing this time last year- and then use the recent data to determine if the market is moving up or down from last year. As far as pricing your home- you’ll still need a CMA of recent sold properties, as buyers will most likely use comps to try to negotiate a lower offer, but moving into the Spring market- recent comps aren’t always the best indicator of demand.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to get your Downingtown home value

4. Hire Your Agent

The final tip is to start working with your agent now on what you should be doing to get ready. You’ll want to make sure you’re getting the most accurate market data and have access to recent solds and active listings. Even if you won’t be moving for several months- hiring and working with an agent now is the best start to the process. You just need to make sure your agent is working WITH you and your goals- as opposed to pushing their own agenda

(Warning: the “hard” sell is a dead giveaway. If you feel pressure to hire them- what else will they pressure you to do?)

You can get started today by setting up a meeting. Either I or a member of my time will go over your goals and our approach.