5 Best Backyard Upgrades That Add Value To Your Home

Sean Deminski
Sean Deminski
Published on September 13, 2018

Whether you are looking to get more for your home when you sell or are looking to build your first family memories in your first house, the backyard is a big part of a home. Understanding which upgrades provide the most value can help you get more for it or understand the actual importance of these additions when shopping around. So here are best backyard upgrades that bring value to a home:


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When it’s the middle of the summer and you’re trying to beat the heat, nothing beats being able to walk right over to your own pool and jump in. Whether you consider yourself an expert swimmer or you just like to lounge around with a drink and magazine while soaking in the rays, pools add life to the backyard.

A pool is an especially great investment if you have young kids or are looking to sell to that market. Once you get it installed, it is free entertainment that helps you avoid going to pay for movies, a public pool, or an expensive vacation.


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Sheds add great value to your backyard. First of all, they offer an appealing visual addition if they are constructed with care and craftsmanship in mind. They show that you don’t treat your backyard as an afterthought.

For those who consider themselves handy, there is nothing like having a shed right there to keep all your tools and pull from it whenever you need. This is especially true if you find yourself working outside in your yard a lot. It saves countless trips back and forth between the garage or basement. Plus, it’s free storage for anything you can imagine.


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When the weather isn’t playing nice, there’s nothing worse than tracking dirt and mud back inside when you come from a nice outside session with your kids or dog. However, with patios, you have a barrier of sorts.

By being able to take your shoes off in the concrete, you can prevent nasty things from coming inside. Of course, there is also the enjoyment factor. A home’s value is instantly increased with a patio due to how easy it is to have friends over, barbecue on a flat surface, and just enjoy the outdoors more.


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If patios do wonders for a home’s value, then decks are on another level. They offer mostly the same benefits as patios. However, they also look better and can often fit more people.

If you’re planning the perfect party for a special occasion, there’s nothing like having your best friends and family compliment you on your new deck. Plus, you might be surprised by how affordable they are, especially if you get great deals on materials and do some coating instead of buying expensive equipment.


You might have the best neighbors in the world. However, you still want that sense of privacy. Most Americans do, and that’s ordinarily possible inside. However, sometimes you want to be able to walk through your yard without wondering who is staring at you.

This is especially true if you have kids or a dog. Not only do fences add privacy, but they also add safety and peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about your little-loved ones wandering off before you have a chance to catch up to them.

When it comes to the modern home, the American dream is alive and well. With so many great homes to choose from, you’ll need to understand what brings value in a backyard. That way, whether you are buying or selling, you know what a great offer looks like when you see it and can make a better decision that supports your home goals.


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