Too many homeowners believe that their kitchen is simply too small. It’s possible that when they first bought their home the kitchen was big enough for one person or two people. Then the kids came along, and the dog came along, and the kitchen started to shrink. Downingtown and West Chester Boroughs are notorious for smaller kitchens.

Now it may be time to sell your house. In our experience, just about every prospective buyer wants the most value from their transaction. A roomy kitchen is often part of that. How do you make a tiny kitchen look bigger than it is?

Paint the Cabinets White

Light colors always do the trick of making any room look bigger than it is, so one solution is to paint the kitchen cabinets white. Much of the kitchen can be painted shades of white with some accent colors to keep the space from looking like a sterile laboratory.

One secret that interior designers know is that white actually isn’t the brightest color. The brightest color is actually light lemon yellow, which will make the room look even bigger and sunnier.

Use Shades of the Same Color

Another trick to make the kitchen look bigger is to have everything in shades of the same color. The shades should not be too far apart in their color gradient. For example, avoid pairing midnight blue cabinets with a sky blue kitchen island.

However, sky blue cabinets might go well with walls painted turquoise or a backsplash that’s a mix of other light or medium blues.

Place Mirrors on the Wall

There’s no law that says that mirrors can’t be hung on the kitchen walls. Mirrors automatically make any space look bigger. They also make the space brighter by reflecting light around the room.

Get Rid of Clutter

The last thing that potential home buyers want to see when they walk into a home is clutter. Clutter makes any room feel small and cramped, which is why you’ll want to clear out the clutter in your kitchen. Take steps to organize your cabinets and clear the counters of unnecessary items. A clean and organized home will look better to buyers.

Have Glass-Fronted Cabinets

Glass-fronted wall cabinets make you look deeply into the cabinet and trick your brain into thinking the walls are farther away than they are. The one drawback, if it is a drawback, is that what’s inside the cabinets needs to be kept tidy and color-coordinated. A mess makes any room look crowded.

More Light

Bring as much light as possible into the kitchen without making it harsh and full of glare. That means a window with the shades pulled up, general lighting from bright hanging lamps, task lighting over the sink and food preparation areas, and even accent lighting in those glass-fronted cabinets.

Making a kitchen look bigger is simple and does not have to be expensive. Since giving the kitchen even a modest makeover can increase the resale value of a house, it is well worth it.

If the size of your kitchen is a concern in a home sale, be sure to contact an agent familiar with Downingtown and West Chester properties.

Featured Image credit: Rea Professional Construction