3 critical first steps for the first-time homebuyer

It’s tough being a newbie at anything, right? Learning new lingo, how things are done and how you’ll do th...

Isn’t it time to take a look at those VA benefits?

As we celebrate Veterans Day in November, I would be remiss to not mention one of the most misunderstood and.....


Sean Deminski, Realtor®

November 13, 2019

Should I sell my home during a recession?

It’s inescapable. Discussions about a possible upcoming U.S. economic recession have become daily media fodd...

Sean Deminski, Realtor®

November 11, 2019

Is it time for you to buy a bigger home?

Houses a bit like your kids’ shoes – before you know it, they don’t fit anymore. And, while we never...

Sean Deminski, Realtor®

November 6, 2019

What to Keep in Mind Before Buying an Older Home

There are a lot of benefits that come with buying a home that is older. For one, these homes tend...

Sean Deminski, Realtor®

November 5, 2019

Here they come! Is your guest room ready?

The winter holidays are when we tend to get the most use out of our guest room. Other than that,...

Sean Deminski, Realtor®

November 4, 2019


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